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· Frequently Asked Questions

· How Safe?
The slow-release nutrients in the tablets are compressed under many tons of pressure. The tablets are soluble and the nutrients are gradually released by the action of soil bacteria. Therefore, the risk of burning roots is negligible.

· How Effective?
PLANTeazy tablet provides twice the required need of N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) to the plants. It enhances your plant's growth, flowering, root growth and overall nutrition.

· How unique?
PLANTeazy works in any kind of soil so long as there is sufficient moisture to permit root growth and sufficient soil bacteria to break down the tablets.

· How to use?
Place the required number of tablet/tablets (see the table) close to the roots and 6 inches down under the soil. It is slow release, so as the seedling is watered, the tablet dissolves slowly. Do not place this tablet at the bottom of the planting hole as the roots will not benefit from this location of the tablet.